Project Management

I am a cross-functional project manager and account manager with 15+ years’ experience. My degree in visual design has enhanced my project management skills and ability to work effectively with professionals in the creative field. Since I’ve experienced both sides – the design and management perspectives – I am better able to understand the time and effort it takes to develop and implement a marketing campaign.

In my previous role as a senior account program/project manager for an in-house global creative team, I led successful B2B marketing campaigns for one of the world’s premier manufacturers of engineering hardware, software, and end-to-end system solutions. I have extensive experience working as part of a global integrated marketing team tasked with creating campaign assets for multiple media channels: print, web, advertising, social, events, high-level presentations, and account-based marketing.

I also have extensive experience coordinating campaign promotional assets and aligning creative and brand strategy to advance innovative campaign projects designed to meet business unit goals. This includes developing design briefs and statements of work, and enforcing deadlines to keep campaign projects on time, within scope, and on budget. I’m adept at coordinating with media and creative teams to ensure timely delivery of projects, including assembling and managing internal and external teams for marketing organizations.

My Professional Accomplishments

NIWeek Registration Area & Story of IoT Display

Helped streamline the design, coordination, implementation, and delivery of signage and print materials for NIWeek and NIDays, NI’s global engineering conferences with more than 4,000+ attendees worldwide.

Incorporated global brand identity and corporate branded graphics in sales and marketing, R&D, and manufacturing facilities. Worked with brand manager, creative director, lead architect, and contractors to coordinate and advise on approved usage of corporate branded graphics.

NI Penang Solutions Gallery
NI Australia Training Center Lobby
NIWeek Keynote Presentation

Strategized, created, and exceeded client expectations for several high-level keynote PowerPoint presentations for NIWeek, industry-specific trade shows, and global company meetings.

Helped implement a new software packaging system that significantly reduced costs through the adoption of a digital download model. This helped decrease the overall cost of shipping physical media to customers.

We minimized packaging overhead by using a generic USB box that we could purchase in bulk and by producing a branded sleeve for each software product to maintain their individual brands, colors, and iconography. This change alone reduced the “touch points” for packaging from 14 to four and decreased the cost of software packaging by over a third.

NI Industrial Internet of Things Engineering Lab

Managed the implementation of graphics for a large corporate engineering lab. This included assembling and managing internal and external teams to meet client expectations. Lab build-out timelines had to be coordinated among facility operations personnel, architects, and external vendors. The result was a highly effective lab where engineers can work and provide customer tours to promote the company’s products and innovations.

Example Pages from Corporate Style Guide

Helped develop and implement style guides, templates, process guidelines, and best practices. These guides and templates reduced confusion, streamlined production, and helped external vendors create marketing materials aligned to corporate brand standards.