Print Design


Lenovo Sales Guide

This guide helps the Lenovo salesforce market its computers to US Department of Energy labs. A key source of sales to government agencies, these labs have multimillion-dollar contracts with the government.Because they are spread throughout the US, the labs needed a comprehensive guide to provide the salesforce with key information critical to closing a sale.

The guide includes information about the primary management contractors for each lab, research focus, location, and product sales information.

Zion's Salon and Day Spa – Branding and Marketing Materials

This newly opened salon and spa needed a brand. The owner had a very specific vision for his business. He wanted clients to feel pampered from the moment they walked in the door. He wanted them to have a “heavenly experience.”

The logo and marketing materials reflect the salon’s design theme of angels and cherubs. The suite of branding materials includes the logo, promotional materials, and external signage for the salon.

NI Case Study Posters

NI’s case study posters showcase the incredible solutions engineers have developed using NI products. These posters are used in NI’s global branches as promotional materials.

Displayed in reception areas, training rooms, and hallways, these posters highlight NI as a solutions provider for a variety of industries.

Archaus Design Group

Archaus is an award-winning commercial interior design firm specializing in hospitality, restaurant, and workspace solutions. To better reflect the growing company, the client needed updated branding in its marketing materials, including a new logo. The design showcases photos of Archaus’ high-end design solutions. Abstract background lines are used as design elements to reflect architectural schematic line drawings.

The logo is based on the Arch of Titus in Rome. Its design embodies stability and strength. The central keystone in the arch is necessary to support the related structure. This became a design element used in the logo text.

Matrix Net Systems Brochure

Matrix Net Systems provides internet performance optimization solutions to companies that use the internet as a critical business service. Employees needed a marketing brochure to show how they can help clients optimize both current and long-term internet performance.

This brochure provides key information about the company and its services. It includes a timeline of the company’s history and a detailed illustration showing how the company’s proprietary system works.

Planet NI Logo and Promotional Materials

The mission of Planet NI is to empower engineers in developing countries to achieve economic prosperity through access to technology. Planet NI does this by making engineering tools affordable and accessible to academic organizations, entrepreneurs, and small and medium enterprises.

To promote this new collaboration, NI needed a logo, brochure, and poster template to announce innovation competitions held at universities worldwide. The logo is meant to represent a connected globe. The continuous line unites the shapes to reflect the connection we have as people working together to benefit the planet.