Steve Lasher

My name is Steve Lasher. I’m an adaptable visual designer, art director, and project manager with 15+ years of experience. My background is firmly rooted in marketing, visual print and digital design, experiential design, and large event production. I’m a team leader, creative thinker, and problem solver with a strong collaborative spirit.

As an accomplished marketing professional, I seek to empower businesses of all kinds to drive innovation and achieve more through inspired visual design, targeted campaign strategy, and exceptional project management.

My passion is glass design. I love that glass art can be both reflective and translucent at the same time. I am skilled in the copper foil technique as well as leaded stained glass. Fused glass is another specialty, and it requires a different set of design skills. The seemingly random styles and images in my work are all inspired by my desire to explore the visual play of light inherent in glass design. As a visual designer, I think it's important to have a hands-on creative outlet. There is something very visceral and rewarding about completing a beautiful piece of art that digital design doesn't always offer.

What my clients have to say

“Steve is a talented PPT designer. He’s very creative and spontaneous with some amazing ideas. He knows how to capture the client’s idea and turn them into incredible animations. He has a great eye for simple but efficient design.”
Komal Buyo
Senior Designer for Executive Communications, NI
“Steve is prepared, organized, capable, and dedicated. He takes the time to fully understand the scope and complexity of projects and displays keen attention to detail. He actively seeks feedback and openly collaborates to enhance his work and improve outcomes.”
Chris Denholm
Project Management Team Manager,
Global Creative Group at NI
“Steve’s design expertise really influenced the branding for my business. The logo and promotional graphics he created perfectly reflect the vision for my salon.”
Richard Faiella
Owner, Zion Salon and Day Spa

Some brands I’ve worked with: